Behavior Trees

DigiPen Institute of Technology 

September 2020 

For my artificial intelligence in games course at DigiPen, we had an assignment with behavior trees and how to program agents to act on their own. In my project I coded a little game with zombies, humans, and police. In the game everyone starts out as human and one police officer, then some turn into zombies. The zombies will chase the humans around and attempt to turn them into zombies. The red human is controlled by the player and will follow the mouse cursor. When the zombies touch the red human, they will die and respawn in the corner of the board. The police officer will roam the board and will destroy any zombie it runs into. When a zombie dies, it will respawn at a random location. 

This assignment was very interesting to do. It required me to code my own tree nodes like control flow nodes, decorator nodes, and leaf nodes. Overall I created 15 of my own nodes to create 4 different trees for all the agents in the game.